Umm… hi, again!

Don’tlookatthedate-don’tlookatthedate— Oh dear, readers. Guess who fell down again? Me. It was– it was me. (Just in case anyone was actually guessing. Hang in there, buddies.) I fell of the tracks in every single way. I fell off the calorie plan. I fell out of exercise. As I sit here writing next to my wonderful … More Umm… hi, again!



‘S’up, everyone! So, last week, we covered a fairly heavy (geddit?) topic – setting weight-loss goals and what my particular, personal goals are. It got a bit real in there and, just so we’re all on the same page, it will sometimes. This is a warts-and-all blog, where I fling my weight-loss journey down on … More Ch-ch-changes!

A chance encounter… (warning: boss-like feelings are imminent)

Daaaaaayyyymnnn. Before I start this post, I should mention that I am, generally speaking, not a salad person. I get bored really easily and salads usually make the wanna-be Masterchef within me wail with despair at my somewhat limited options. Sure, you can put anything in it, but I just find the end result incredibly … More A chance encounter… (warning: boss-like feelings are imminent)